The Lin Yun Wudang Kung Fu School – 武 当 山 抱 朴道 院

The Lin Yun Wudang Kung Fu School is located in the near of the Quntai Temple on the top oft the Mount, inside of the Wudang Mountain Scenery Zone, Hubei Province, near the Shiyan city.
Our school not only provides students full accomodation and board, but also offeres ideal conditions to study traditional Wudang Kung Fu, Musik, Chinese Language, Meditation, Wudang Tai Chi and Chi Gong, Daoist Yoga and Culture in the clean, healthy, natural and friendly envinronment.

Why should YOU come to Lin Yun Wudang Kung Fu School

So why should YOU come to Lin Yun Wudang Kung Fu School武 当 山 抱 朴道 院with your family or/and your friends?

  • Visit historical places and take great shots and videos
  • Develope mental and physical strength
  • learn lots of traditional Wudang Tai Chi and Kung Fu Forms with or without weapons and self-defense
  • Enjoy the nature of the mountains
  • Calm the emotions, focus the mind, redice dayly stress
  • Strengthen the immune system
  • Stay younger as you grow older
  • Reduce chronic diseases and pains
  • Prevent new diseases
  • Prevent sports injuries
  • Eat three times a day delicios and healthy lokal meals
  • Meet new international friends
  • Take part in Wushu competitions (if you wish)
  • Long term students can do an exam after graduation and recive the instrictor diploma
  • Leran Chinese language (if you wish)
  • Consult a TCM- Doctor (if you wish)
  • Learn Taoist musik and culture (if you wish)
  • Learn some principles of TCM and Tuina or oil Massage
  • Stay in touch with our School and open your own Wudang Martial Arts center in your country (if you wish)
  • Promote and sell modern, biologikal, comfortable coton, clothes for training, wellness and free time in your country (if you wish)
  •  Share YOUR NEW ideas with US, stay happy and have FUN every day!
What is the Real Traditional Wudang Kung Fu

What is the Real Traditional Wudang Kung Fu?

There are two well known kinds of Kung Fu in China – an external (外家拳) and an internal (内家拳) one.

Shaolin Temple is more famouse for the external way and the way of Wudag or a Taoist way is more associated with the internal power.

But Wudang martial arts deffinitely combine both – the external and the internal power. This fact is based on principles of Ying and Yang and on five Elements (五行)Wuxing.

The legend sayes that Wudang Kung Fu was founded by a lokal highly respected Wudang Taoist – Zhang San Feng. According to the historical data he was born in 12th century and lived up to 212 years.

Traditional Wudang Kung Fu, is the natural daoist 道 “way” “method” or “principle” (depends upon the translation) wisdom for a long happy and healthy life.

Wudang Kung Fu way will teach you to develope internal and external power, flexibility, balance, to achieve your life goals, deal with daily challenges, and be able to self-defense if necessary.

You will learn to work with your body and mind, understend your physiology and use your „weekness“ as a power. You will open your creativity, talants, achive more concentration and potential practicing Wudang Kung Fu every day.

You will definitely learn Qibengong, lots of Wudang Forms with or without wepons.


Wudang martial arts are based on the main idea of Tao 道 (Dao) – “The way follows the example of nature…” (dao fa ziran 道法自然).

So all movements are based on lows of our physiology and make you strog, flexible and healthy in every age. You will learn how to reduce chronic diseases, prevent new diseases and avoid sports injuries.

Wudang Tai Chi and Chi Gong

Wudang Tai Chi and Chi Gong are a methods of self-cultivation based on softness and awareness will help you to develope internal energy and power.

It is a scientifical fact that Tai Chi and Chi Gong help us calm the emotions, focus the mind, redice dayly stress, strengthen the immune system and stay younger as we grow older.

What can be more importaint after three years of pandemik? It is great for people who are not able or not willing to practice high intensive exersises like we used to do in Wudang Kung Fu.

Wudang Taichi as a great method to make your martial arts technikes and movements perfect. Musitions say, „if you can not play it slowly, you can not play it quickly …“.

Here are some original Texts from the Chang San Feng, who was mentioned in the beginning oft the text. This original quotes will give you a deep understanding of Tai Chi Chuen.


Master Chang San-Feng’s Treatise on T’ai Chi, circa 1300 CE, Part 4

The energy is rooted in the feet, issued through the legs, directed by the waist, and appears in the hands and fingers. The feet, legs, and waist must act as one unit, so that whether Advancing or Withdrawing you will be able to obtain a superior position and create a good opportunity.

Stuart Alve Olson, T’ai Chi According to the I Ching: Embodying the Principles of the Book of Changes, 2001, Chang San-Feng, p. 36

As a conclusion I would like to use the quote of „Kung Fu Panda“, showing the importance oft the present moment. We have got only one life and we should do a real PRESENT out of every moment. – “Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, and today is a gift… that’s why they call it the present.” – Master Oogway

Visiting Temples

The school is surrounded by ancient buildings and teples which have been famous in the world for their beauty, size, and grandeur, so that Wudang Mountain was put into the list of World Cultural Haritage by UNESCO in 1994.

You will definitely make nice photos and videos in this historical area.