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I was born in a beautiful small mountain village. According to legend, this is the place where Cowherd and Weaver Girl meet. In my hometown, people are very simple. I grew up in a big family with my parents and grandparents, so I left a lot of happy time in my childhood.

Since I was a child, I often saw my grandfather participate the ceremonies of ancestral hall sacrifices. I like this kind of ceremony very much, so it has left a deep impression in my heart since I was a child.

Every sacrifice includes dance, which is very similar to the martial arts we practice now. Through this kind of sacrificial activity, we express our respect for the Gods and our hope for a better life.

When I was young, this kind of picture often appeared in my mind, and unconsciously, I embarked on the road of martial arts.

When I was seven and a half years old, my father had a very serious conversation with me, which gave me an orientation and change in my life. I chose to study martial arts and culture in parallel.

From then on, I started my journey of learning martial arts, studying culture and traditional Chinese studies during the day, and practicing various martial arts at night.

This life continued until I was 12 years old, and I participated in professional martial arts studies in a sports school. Every weekend and holiday was my professional martial arts training day. The difference between me and other teenagers was that other children have their own holidays and play time during this period.

With the increase of practice time, he participated in various large and small competitions, achieved a lot of achievements in boxing and fencing, and participated in many large-scale performances and social activities.

After many years of working with students, young people, children, adults and the elderly, I decided to set up my own school. Since 2022, everyone is welcome to my school to improve their own wellbeing and health, to broaden their own cognitive horizons and to learn new arts of movement.
See you soon!